Car Storage Locations



(CarSafe is based in Cambridge Covering the Central London area)

Quite often Central London car storage can prove challenging for car owners who are looking for secure car storage in Central London. CarSafe is the company offering secure car storage near Central London where our safe car storage facility takes care of motorbike storage, as well as all types of car storage including sports car storage, vintage car storage and race car storage.

Here at CarSafe, we offer high-end secure car storage for clients in Central London, so you have total peace of mind if you’re away from home or alternatively, you may need your car or motorbike investment professionally looked after for a period of time. CarSafe car storage provides you with the very best in discreet secure car storage for clients in Central London.

Our highly secure, state of the art, car storage facility is perfect for all makes and models of car in Central London. No matter how long or short your vehicle’s stay is with us is, you can be assured of its safety at all times. We take care of the secure car storage of classic and performance cars as well as motorbike storage in Central London. CarSafe is the perfect car storage solution near Central London.

We are located just outside of London, a few minutes away from the A11 in Cambridgeshire, making London easily accessible to us. Similarly, just a short distance for you should you wish to visit our car storage facility and deliver your car to us. We’re fully equipped to offer secure car storage and motorbike storage for clients in Central London with our hassle-free service

Our car storage facility offers high-tech secure car storage in Central London for all car owners including vehicle collectors. If you have a collection of cars and you need car storage close to Central London, CarSafe is the perfect choice.

The security of our car storage facility and all of the vehicles stored at CarSafe is at the heart of everything we do. That’s why we have developed an operation which offers unrivalled levels of car protection because we know that securing your vehicle matters. Call our team today to talk through your car storage in Central London requirements.