Vehicle Storage

We know that every vehicle is different and we appreciate that certain cars and owners may have particular requirements whilst in storage, and that those requirements may change dependent on how long the vehicle will be stored. Of course we are always happy to create a bespoke package to meet your individual needs – please do ask. For the majority of our customers, we have developed three graded packages which we believe offer the best options for most vehicles. The package which is right for you will depend on all sorts of factors, and only you can make the decision when it comes to the preservation and maintenance of your vehicle.

Bronze, Silver & Gold Packages

Bronze Storage Package

Our Bronze Storage Package offers all of the following as standard:

  • Dedicated space in our dehumidified, purpose built, premier vehicle storage facility
  • Battery checked on arrival and connected to a conditioner
  • Vehicle allowed to fully air-dry before admission to store
  • ID management of all vehicles, accessories & keys
  • Drip tray placed below each vehicle to monitor fluid leaks
  • All risks insurance up to £100,000 per vehicle

Silver Storage Package

The Silver Package includes all of the Bronze Package, as well as:

  • Tyres rolled once a month to help prevent flat spotting
  • Vehicle started and run to temperature once a month

Gold Storage Package

Choosing the Gold Package offers the following, in addition to the Silver Package:

  • Ancillary systems check once per month
  • Anti-freeze check once per month
  • Engine fluids checked once a month and topped up if required**

** If fluids are low, you will be notified and you may request that we top them up on your behalf.

Additional Storage Services:

In addition to aspects covered in our storage packages, the following are available to maintain the condition of your vehicle whilst in storage. Please ask for details

  • Supply of car covers, loose or fitted
  • Supply of battery conditioner, or connection of your own
  • Tyre pressure checked and adjusted
  • Fluid top up
  • Pedal depression
  • Light exercise programmes
  • Battery check
  • Pre-departure check to ensure your vehicle is ready when you need it


You are welcome to maintain your vehicle insurance, however CarSafe provide you with up to £100k of “All Risks” cover per vehicle whilst in storage.
Additional cover for vehicles exceeding £100K is available on request.

Hardtop, clothing & equipment storage

Many sports cars come with a hard and a soft top. We can store your hard top when not in use. Likewise we can look after your biking leathers and helmet dehumidified alongside your motorbike, as well as any other related parts and equipment which belong to or with your vehicle.

Thank you for your excellent service and attention to detail throughout.

Mr M: Ferrari 575

Outstanding facility, excellent customer service, highly recommended.

Mr S: Aston Martin DBS

Thank you for your excellent service and attention to detail throughout.

Mr H: Ferrari 458

The team at CarSafe were a pleasure to deal with, highly professional and my car had a lovely holiday, thank you.

Mr M: Ferrari 575

What an outstanding facility, we’ll be back again next year.

Mr & Mrs P

Nothing was too much trouble, including dropping me back home after leaving the car.

Mr J: Ford Mustang

Thank you for arranging the shipping to get my car back home, excellent service from start to finish.

Mr H: South Africa

CarSafe operate as an extension of our business, providing an outstanding facility and exceptional levels of customer service to us and our clients. They have become an invaluable asset.

Corporate client

My first question was "will you store any car?" As I have rather shabby but very loved 2CV which has huge sentimental value. CarSafe give it the same attention as they would a car worth vastly more than mine, but I still wouldn’t swap it!

Mrs K: Citroen Dolly

The time that the CarSafe team took to understand the “quirks” of the car was unexpected but very welcome.

Mr S: Silver Shadow

CarSafe look after 5 of my cars which I take out on a fairly regular basis. The cars are always ready when I arrive and the process is swift and courteous. An excellent service, thank you.

Mr K

We visited 3 storage companies before we went to CarSafe I must say they but Neil operate on a totally different level. The facility is wonderful, if a little tricky to find.

Mr & Mrs D: VW split screen

I was wary of car storage having previously had a bad experience. I Voiced my concerns to the CarSafe team and they answered all my questions confidently. Suffice to say my Porsche is now at CarSafe and very well looked after.

Mr M: Porsche 911

CarSafe arranged collection on behalf of my son who works away. They sent him a video of the car arriving. It makes him miss it even more but at least he can see it.

Mrs H: Porsche Boxter

To discuss storage for your vehicle please contact us.