Car Storage Top 5 Questions Answered

Do I need to insure my car whilst it’s in storage? What is SORN? Does a car need an MOT if it’s being stored? Does my car need to be serviced when it’s in storage? Will my car be safe when it’s in storage?

CarSafe FAQ

We are always delighted to speak with any customers or potential customers to discuss any queries they might have. Below are a few frequently asked questions which might help with a number of questions you may have about our services.

Yes you can store short term. We can cover holiday parking or just a short term requirement.

You won’t necessarily need to worry about battery conditioners etc for shorter periods, just as long as the storage is clean and dry.

Operators may have different pricing structures depending on your length of stay, so it’s always worth checking.

Due to the nature of what we do, car storage companies like to operate under the radar to protect the privacy of the cars and clients. If you book an appointment you’ll be provided the address shortly before the visit, and you must bring photo ID with you.

Clients trust us with all manner of vehicles, so we have a duty to place as much protection around them as possible.

Security is paramount, so if an address is listed on a website then everyone is going to know where they are and what they store there.

Only if we need to move it to get to another car or if you ask us to start / exercise it.

We are fully insured and have trade plates so we are covered do drive pretty much everything, including take it for servicing & MOT’s or delivering it to you.

Cars will benefit from semi regular movement, starting / running and moving them is the best option to keep everything running smoothly

Anytime during office hours. We like to have 24 hours notice, so we can run the car and make sure there are no issues.

We want our clients to be able to enjoy their cars.

We operate worldwide from our base in Cambridgeshire.

If you’ve found us via a web search and your wondering why a company in Cambridge is advertising in your area, it’s because we have covered transport vehicles collecting cars & bikes from all corners of the UK, the globe even.

We are seen as a centre of excellence, so attract customers from all over.

If you need someone local to you, speak to us and we may be able to introduce you to a trusted supplier from our network close to you.

As long as you like. We have cars in store that haven’t moved in years and others that go in and out weekly.

Let us know what your requirement is. You may be on holiday for a few weeks and want the car tucked away, or laying up a classic for the winter. Whatever you need, let us know and we’ll do our best to help.

Pretty much. Apart from cars, we’ve had a milk float, a few boats, car shells, barn finds and all manner of vehicles in-between.

If it has an engine and or wheels, we can look after it.

Yet to have a tank or a bus, but you never know, hovercrafts and helicopters also welcome!

No not really, if you think how much you’ve invested in the car, then it’s very reasonable. If you paid for a week in a multi-storey, it would cost you a lot more.

Our basic packages start at a highly reasonable £35 per week.

Think of us as a luxury hotel for your car.

Yes we can and not just clean it. We have access to valeting, detailing, paint correction, leather work, wood repair, panel beating, re-sprays, damage repair, alloy refurb, chrome dipping and full restoration. You may not recognise your car when you collect it!

Sometimes yes we do. Winter is the busiest time of the year for car storage, so it’s worth reserving before the weather really turns. Advance notice is always welcome to ensure there is space, in particular if you have a larger vehicle.

September is the time people generally start to think about storage. Once the clocks change and the gritter lorries appear, it’s the seasonal mad dash to get the car into store.

We require 24 hours’ notice by email for you to retrieve your vehicle from storage. Our standard operating hours are Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5.30pm. We may be able to accommodate deliveries and collections out of these hours by special arrangement.

We are always happy to discuss multi-car quotes, please give us a call.

It is up to you what you leave within the vehicle although they are left at your risk. We do offer the facility to store items separately to vehicles.

If you choose to have your vehicle exercised, we will undertake this within the confines of our secure private grounds.

We strongly recommend that cars entering storage are clean, for their own benefit and that of our storage environment. We reserve the right to wash your vehicle on arrival if we consider that it needs it.

We are happy to store any vehicles, but we reserve the right to cover or wrap all parts.

For the protection of all of our customers and their vehicles, we’ll need to see the vehicle’s V5 and insurance certificate for each vehicle being brought into store. We’ll keep a copy of these on file for the duration of the stay.

Yes, that it not a problem. If you do not have a cover, we will supply one for use while your vehicle is with us.

Static fuel will stagnate over time and will not combust in the engine, so you shouldn’t store a vehicle with a full tank. Our monthly exercise programme will mean that fuel is gradually used.

Each vehicle is assigned a storage bay which gives adequate room to allow the doors to be opened and easy access to assess the vehicles in storage.

We are well hidden in the South Cambridgeshire countryside, 15 minutes from Cambridge and close to the county borders with Essex and Suffolk. Our location is not advertised for security reasons.

At Car Safe our priority is the safety and security of your vehicle. For full details of the security measures employed, have a look at our security page.

Our preferred method for payment is direct debit. Storage packages are charged for quarterly in advance, and any additional services taken will be charged for shortly afterwards. Invoices will always be sent by email to advise of upcoming payments.

Our office hours are Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 5.30pm. We are closed on all English public holidays.

Thank you for your excellent service and attention to detail throughout.

Mr M: Ferrari 575

Outstanding facility, excellent customer service, highly recommended.

Mr S: Aston Martin DBS

Thank you for your excellent service and attention to detail throughout.

Mr H: Ferrari 458

The team at CarSafe were a pleasure to deal with, highly professional and my car had a lovely holiday, thank you.

Mr M: Ferrari 575

What an outstanding facility, we’ll be back again next year.

Mr & Mrs P

Nothing was too much trouble, including dropping me back home after leaving the car.

Mr J: Ford Mustang

Thank you for arranging the shipping to get my car back home, excellent service from start to finish.

Mr H: South Africa

CarSafe operate as an extension of our business, providing an outstanding facility and exceptional levels of customer service to us and our clients. They have become an invaluable asset.

Corporate client

My first question was "will you store any car?" As I have rather shabby but very loved 2CV which has huge sentimental value. CarSafe give it the same attention as they would a car worth vastly more than mine, but I still wouldn’t swap it!

Mrs K: Citroen Dolly

The time that the CarSafe team took to understand the “quirks” of the car was unexpected but very welcome.

Mr S: Silver Shadow

CarSafe look after 5 of my cars which I take out on a fairly regular basis. The cars are always ready when I arrive and the process is swift and courteous. An excellent service, thank you.

Mr K

We visited 3 storage companies before we went to CarSafe I must say they but Neil operate on a totally different level. The facility is wonderful, if a little tricky to find.

Mr & Mrs D: VW split screen

I was wary of car storage having previously had a bad experience. I Voiced my concerns to the CarSafe team and they answered all my questions confidently. Suffice to say my Porsche is now at CarSafe and very well looked after.

Mr M: Porsche 911

CarSafe arranged collection on behalf of my son who works away. They sent him a video of the car arriving. It makes him miss it even more but at least he can see it.

Mrs H: Porsche Boxter