Weekend 7 - Silverstone National Circuit

10 October 2019

The Healey was first out with a 40-minute race, starting on a 44-car grid with some high-quality drivers in the line-up. There was no rain, but the track was very ‘green’ after being re-laid, as moisture on the track made it tough to put a good lap together. Holme qualified in P3, but was 1.5s behind P1 the Haxton-Rawls team, whose line-up included a semi-pro driver. Holme’s plan was to promptly get ahead of P2, and keep pace with first place, whilst the driver behind held up the chasing pack. Holme had moved into second place by lap two, and sat in the tow of the race leader. By the time Holme had pulled into the pits, he was 12 seconds ahead of P3. The team in P1 found an oil leak and had to spend longer in the pits, so Holme came out in P1 with a substantial 20-second lead, and knew that precise driving was key to a win. Holme maintained pace and performance, ultimately bringing the Healey home in first, 25 seconds ahead of P2. “I have to thank Tom Ebbs of Ebbs Motorsport,