CarSafe Insurance



As with any valuable asset, arranging for adequate insurance in the event of a mishap is an essential part of ownership.

Of course, if you intend to use your vehicle on the public highway you will need to be covered by a road-going insurance policy which will protect you and other road users against the perils of driving. We can ensure your cover is kept up to date if you require, so that whenever you wish to collect your car or bike you can rest assured that you are road legal.

Whilst your vehicle is stored with us, our public liability insurance is maintained at a level that covers it.

In addition to our public liability insurance, we require you to take out insurance to cover your vehicle whilst it is stored with us. This can either be insurance arranged by you which specifies that your vehicle is in storage, or you can be covered by our policy for a nominal monthly charge, based on the value of the vehicle as advised by you. This ensures cover in the event of fire, theft, malicious damage, and other threats outside of our control.

As a professional, safe and secure car storage business, this is recognised by our insurers, and as such our insurance premiums remain low.

To learn more about ensuring adequate cover for your vehicles in storage, please speak with one of our team who will be happy to advise.