Whilst valeting will give you a fantastic looking finish, detailing can take your vehicle’s appearance right back to when it was brand new – perhaps better than when it was first delivered to the dealer’s showroom.

Day-to-day pollutants, vehicle care products, minor blemishes and tiny scratches can all take their toll on the condition of your vehicle’s paintwork. Detailing strips back all accumulated surface pollutants, allowing the detailer to work on the original, authentic finish of the exterior paintwork finish.

In addition to bringing paintwork back to perfection, detailing can also ensure that trims, wheels, tyres, windows and any other components of the vehicle’s exterior are restored to their original condition.

Detailing is essentially fine-art restoration for cars.

Following on from detailing, a range of protective coatings can be applied to maintain the level of finish and prevent future damage or contamination to the vehicle’s surface, and thereby maintaining the quality of finish attained in the detailing process.