Classic Motoring featuring CarSafe

07 November 2017

Classic Motoring had a very well read section, where on a monthly basis, the editors highlight a part of the classic motoring world, lifting the lid on myths, useful "I didn't know that" and "who knew that existed" services and tricks of the trade.

CarSafe were approached as we are seen as the benchmark of what prefessional, modern vehicle storage is and they wanted a sneak peak into our world and highlight that we are not just Aston's and Rolls Royces. For us it's about the vehicle and the customer, Ford to Ferrari as the article says. Youre going to store your car for one of three main reasons. You're an enthusiast, you've purchased it as an investment, or it's a sentimental piece. Regardless of your motivation, CarSafe treat all the vehicles in our care with the same care and attention than you do (sometimes even more!)

We are of course delighted to support Classic Motoring and hope you enjoy the article.