Team Car Safe battle for pride on race simulators

30 June 2017

Racers decended on Milton Keynes as Car Safe invited colleagues from sister company Viking Self Storage to race head to head on simulators at Simply Race.

Once the decision had been made on which track to race (insider knowledge had nothing to do with track selection!) a second debate was had as to which car. Starting off in Formula 3 single seaters, the 6 wannabe Hamilton's set of on a practice lap. After much spraying of trap gravel, enthustiac joshing over the radios and a couple of gentle nudges, it was qualifying. Suddenly the mood changed as the racers hunkered down in their seats and the game suddenly got real.

Mark Holme and Nick Nunn who drive for Team Car Safe and Team Viking in the Fun Cup and MX5 Supercup series, soon showed the Nintendo generation that slippy bananas and exploding mushrooms would be innefective against pure race craft and vanished into the distance, leaving the rest of us still trying to turn off the pit limiter despite reaching the 3rd corner.

The 15 minute race went in what seemed like seconds and the results were in. One for Team Carsafe! 

Round 2 saw us stay in the F3's and it was Team Viking sitting atop the podium. Not happy.

Round 3 we stayed with Donnington and moved into Subaru touring cars, very different but equally fun, the competative edge was really coming through with protests being thrown over the radio of "who's the blue car, you just span me" "oops, sorry - evil laugh" But despite some Vettelesque tactics team Car Safe were victorious once more.

Our final round saw us in Clio's and the change from rear wheel to front wheel drive caught the less experienced off guard, as the majority of us all met in the gravel on the first corner. This was the do or die round and all was to play for, Team Viking out for a draw and Team Carsafe gunning for the victory. Previous dirty tactics were replaced by clean lines, early on the power, late braking and trying to keep the car on track, 1/2 seconds really were counting. 

And across the line, Team Car Safe victorious, well sort of. The two official team drivers were excluded from the podium to give us mortals a chance, so the final positions were.......

P1 Team Viking (who haven't shut up about it since)

P2 Team Carsafe

P3 Team Viking

But hanshakes all round, and severe ribbing led to the peace and mediation of Nandos where it was decided that some of us really should stick to just commuting.