Car Storage Locations



(CarSafe is based in Cambridge Covering the Peterborough area)

If you are in the market to find a professional vehicle storage facility in Peterborough, you’d be well worth taking the short drive to CarSafe in South Cambridgeshire where we specialise in the secure storage of classic and performance vehicles Peterborough is just up the road and we’re conveniently rural so no issues with Cambridge traffic.

We love car storage in Peterborough and have clients who might be looking for classic car storage in Peterborough. If that is what you need the we can tailor a car storage package to suits the needs of your Peterborough car storage requirement.

We don’t just do cars. If you are after classic motorbike storage in Peterborough or you have a performance motorcycle to store in Peterborough we’d be delighted to help with that too. Essentially if you are in Peterborough and are in the market for any kind of professional vehicle storage, you’ve come to the right place.

For us security is key, so secure vehicle storage in Peterborough is certainly covered by us. If you need expert vehicle storage in Peterborough, that is what we do. Our site is dedicated vehicle storage in south Cambridgeshire and we’ve made sure we’ve made it the best car storage in Cambridgeshire. From vintage car storage in Peterborough to race car storage in Peterborough and everything in between, we are just great specialists of car storage.

So, Peterborough car storage for storage of performance cars in Peterborough and sports car storage in Peterborough. CarSafe can help!